What is Random Adventure Roguelike?

Random Adventure Roguelike is an Android game still in development. As it's name says, it's a Roguelike and it pretends to be a text adventure with randomly generated content.

I am currenly very busy between work and studies but I try my best and give time to the project as often as I can. Mainly I'm trying to fix bugs and problems players find.

Lastly, I want to apology to those players who are having problems with the app (crashes, games lost, etc...). I'm quite new at this and try my best, so I hope you understand :)

I've created a subreddit to share news about the game and let people tell their suggestions, bug reports, etc... You can find it here.

If you want to contribute to the development of the game, I created this paypal thing so you can donate :)

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Thanks and have fun!